How to Choose App Creator Software

App creation services are unique from each other in terms of the features which they provide to the users as well as their specializations. Prior to making a final decision on the best app creator software which you intend to utilize, ensure that you are clear on the features which are most important to you.

Privacy and security of applications

Even if most business app creators do not consider this to be a major concern, the internal applications in organizations today usually require tailor-made privacy and security options. Should there be some issues concerning compliance that are specific to your business, ensure that you discuss them with the assigned representative from your app creator of choice.

Reseller options

Are you designing a game or a white label application with the intention of reselling it? If so, make sure that the app creator you work with has some reseller options. It is important to know that not all applications that are created using a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) template or by third parties can be resold. As a matter of fact, the companies which provide their clients with reseller options usually bundle in some additional features to make the offer more attractive. Examples of these are websites which are dedicated to resellers and free design tools as well.

Push notifications

These notifications make it easier for you to engage with your customers. In addition to that, they inform customers about sales, promotional functions as well as new products and services. Majority of the app creation services today integrate push notifications into business apps.

Customer discounts and loyalty programs

Businesses that are product-driven usually implement incentives such as loyalty programs and discounts for new customers. Therefore, many app creation services normally allow the integration of these incentives into business applications. This form of integration usually makes it easier for customers to take advantage of these offers and also to get involved in loyalty programs.

Instant messaging facilities

It is important to note that not all app creation services implement instant messaging capability. If this feature is important for your business, ensure that the company or developer who you are working with is capable of delivering this option.


This is a highly valuable facility if your business has branches across many locations and caters to customers across various regions. It allows you to communicate with your customers based on their locations. As such, you can easily tailor messages according to specific segments.

Social media integration

Due to the well known strategic importance of social media in business today, majority of app creation services readily integrate social sites into their business applications. They implement platforms such as Facebook and Instagram hence making it easy for your clients to find and download your business application.

Integrating third party applications

In a bid to boost effectiveness, business applications today require integration with third party applications. Social media integration is an example of this approach. However, this activity extends to the implementation of business-focused and proprietary applications too. Therefore, if you are designing an application for internal business activity, ensure that the creator makes it scalable for integration in future. Furthermore, if you would like to integrate services such as Google Maps into the app, ensure that it can support such expansion.

Analytics and report generation

Quite a number of app creation companies usually offer reporting and analytics features. By accessing reports, you can gain valuable insight on your customer base. You can also reach them in a more effective way.

Administrative control

Internal employee applications rely quite heavily on administrative controls. During the creation of your business app, it is very important to comprehend how administrative controls will be accessed and the specific options that will be built into it. The capability to control permissions based on individuals and groups is highly valuable.

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